Apogee Solves the Shaky Video Problem for You

No one wants to watch a video that is shaky. A camera that was unstable while recording can turn a video with the most amazing content ever into little more than a difficult to watch distraction.

Suddenly, the viewer is trying to discern what the camera was supposed to be pointed at instead of the event that was recorded. This type of movement can cause some people to feel ill. So, unless you are trying to film the next Blair Witch Project you want to take steps to avoid ending up with a shaky video.

This is easier said than done if you are recording video with your iPhone. Eventually, your arm is going to get tired, or your hand is going to become unsteady. How can you prevent this problem? Apogee has the perfect solution with their MiC/Zacuto Zgrip Jr. kit.

The Apogee MiC is the first studio-quality microphone to make a direct digital connection to Garageband on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The MiC uses PureDIGITAL technology, which delivers the natural tone of a musician’s voice, or instrument, right to the iPad, iPhone, or Mac without compromise.

The Zacuto Zgrip Jr. is an amazing little device that you can attach directly to your iPhone 4 or 4S before you start recording. It is a handgrip that has a cradle at the top of it. Your iPhone can snap right into the cradle, and your recording will be steady. The handgrip also has a 1/4 20” thread at the bottom of it that will allow it to be mounted to a tripod. There is also a 1/4 20” thread at the top of the handgrip that can be used to mount the Apogee MiC.

The kit includes the Apogee MiC, the Zacuto Zgrip Jr., a 0.5m cable for connection to iPad and iPhone, and a 1m cable for connection to a Mac. It comes with a Quick Start Guide, a desktop tripod, and a MiC stand adaptor. The MiC/Zgrip Kit retails for $298.95. This can easily make your next video be of professional quality and help you avoid making the dreaded shaky video.

Image by Apogee

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