Olloclip Studio is an iPhone Photographer’s Dream Come True

Olloclip LogoWith its high-quality cameras and extensibility thru apps, the iPhone ushered in a whole new era of photography. It was obvious early on that the iPhone would be used for more than just taking snapshots, and a wide range of accessories have been developed to complement this. One thing that’s been tricky, however, is dealing with all of these different lenses, mounts, and other accessories so they work together and take up a minimal amount of space. Popular iPhone accessories manufacturer Olloclip has come up with its own clever solution, the Olloclip Studio.

Daniel met with Tim at the Olloclip booth. Tim demonstrated the many different functions of the new Olloclip Studio. This product is a standalone iPhone case that works with different clips and attachments to turn an iPhone into a true photography studio. Olloclip Studio is compatible with all of Olloclip’s lenses. Studio also allows for cold shoe attachments in either landscape or portrait mode. There’s even an included “kickstand” that makes it easy to view the phone from a seated position. Olloclip Studio is on sale now for $89.99.

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