Project Nursery Announces New Line of Gadgets for Mom and Baby

Project Nursery Baby MonitorProject Nursery has unveiled new products and technologies for families at CES 2016. Partnered with VOXX Corporation, Project Nursery applies their years of experience in kid-friendly designs toward launching a new consumer electronics line that is simple, stylish, and with minimal set-up time, so parents can focus on the things that matter most. The new products will be available Spring 2016.

The flagship piece of the line is the Project Nursery Baby Monitor, which includes both a 5” High-Definition parent unit, ultra portable Mini Monitor with a 1.5” LCD screen and camera unit (MSRP $299.99).

Luxurious, high-end design finishes that blend seamlessly into any nursery, high definition video and secure wireless technology make this baby monitor the choice for parents focused on simplicity, style, and safety. As a wireless and Wi-Fi free monitor, it can easily be handed off to a caregiver without a complicated set up explanation, all while maintaining a reliable connection.

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor has an easy-to-use icon menu and intuitive centric navigation wheel. Parents can quickly jump to the most commonly needed features of the device without wasting time clicking through excess menus or navigating difficult camera controls. The system also serves as a digital clock, timer and room thermometer. Extra benefits allow parents to send lullabies, voice communicate with their baby and capture digital images of special moments.

Project Nursery Mini MonitorThe included 1.5” Mini Monitor is the world’s smallest, providing hands-free portable monitoring allowing moms and dads to be on-the-go around the house without having to haul around a larger monitor unit. The Mini Monitor allows parents to have both hands free, to do things like playing with other kids, exercise, projects around the house, or preparing meals in the kitchen, all while able to quickly view baby at a glance on a wearable attachment. The Mini Monitor comes equipped with a wristband, lanyard and clip to make it easy for mom and dad to have ready at any time.

Project Nursery Sight and Soung projectorThe Project Nursery Sight & Sound Projector ($49.99) uses Bluetooth streaming from your smartphone, projected images onto a wall and built-in LED mood lighting and night light to create a soothing environment for baby. Sensors activate pre-set or recorded sounds when crying is detected to make baby feel more comfortable while mom or dad makes their way to the nursery. Six calming pre-loaded sounds include white noise, rainforest, and more.

Visit Project Nursery at CES 2016 in the Central Hall, Project Nursery (VOXX) booth # 10406.