iPhone lockscreen can be bypassed for $100

iPhone 5c
iPhone 5c

Been locked out of your iPhone? There’s a way to bypass that lock screen, but it will cost you a bit of money. It’s still going to be a lot cheaper than buying a new phone or taking the queue of the FBI, who paid $1.3 to have the phone of the San Bernardino shooter unblocked. That should renew the long standing debate over government spending that has raged for years.

Why? Because this tool will cost $100, or about the same as The Pentagon paid for a hammer. Report from BBC News states “The BBC News report is based upon a newly-published paper by Dr Sergei Skorobogatov, who describes how the iPhone 5c’s NAND flash chip could be removed, and its data cloned onto another chip to bypass the limit on passcode retries…with no risk of the original data being wiped.

The method requires NAND mirroring which can be accomplished with some cheap hardware. According to security researcher Graham Cluley “Zdziarksi found that he was able to enter multiple passcodes, without any risk that the device would wipe itself automatically or introduce any additional time delays between unlocking attempts

The FBI actually threatened Apple to unlock that phone when there were already rumors that this method could b used and now it’s been proven in a new video of the researcher doing it. You can view the video below.