Twitter Trust & Safety BS

Twitter got caught in a big way violating their own supposed trust and safety policies by informing NBC who is an Olympics business partner of a specific Twitter users post. Twitter actually encouraged them to submit an abuse form against the user.

I can see how it went down. Some staffer says, hey I have been watching these tweets by Journalist Guy Adams bashing NBC, and he is really being snarky. I see he just posted one of the executives emails, which I think is against our user policy, and since he is hurting the image of the NBC Olympic coverage lets do them a favor. Lets tell our business parter about this ass, and have them submit an abuse form.

The post in question that caused the suspension by @guyadams contained a real business email address of a NBC Sports Executive. His account was un-suspended this afternoon after the heat got to hot for Twitter to handle.

I was always taught two wrongs never make a right, the simple fact that Twitter staff dimmed the guy out to NBC really makes me question if the Twitter leadership and Twitter team as a whole can be trusted. They have let huge transgressions by celebrities slip in the past, as pointed out by Mr. Adams on an article he posted that covers the ordeal.

Twitter has had to apologize, as NBC dimmed Twitter out saying they told us to submit the abuse form, Twitter has placed the blame on staff members working the business end of the Twitter / NBC Olympic partnership.

Imagine what would have happened to a non connected twitter user, that user would have lost his account and his followers. This goes to prove, do not put all your eggs in one basket and you better have a fallback site you control to get your message on the street when business relationships are being protected.

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  1. no company is away with these kind of things..every company big or small does this kind of BS.

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