2012 Total #Fail Olympics

It’s bad enough if you live on the East Coast of the United States with the Olympics happening in London.  Living in Hawaii I am a total of 10 hours behind London, and with NBC broadcasting things here nearly 10-15 hours after it actually happened it has made the games a total #fail from a viewer perspective.

In all honesty I am not sure it maters with the idiots controlling programming @ NBC. We live in a very connected world, and anyone bidding on a future Olympics better think long and hard how they execute the programming in the future.

All weekend Olympic events that I wanted to watch ended up being spoiled because I was reading about a defeat, upset or  win on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Because of the digital / tape delay my friends on the east coast are chatting it up as they are watching tape delayed. So by the time it airs here in Hawaii I have already heard the details of the event. Even if I was trying to avoid spoilers it is nearly impossible.

Even my kids who wanted to watch some of the swimming events with Phelps were like, dad I already know who won, can we watch a movie? I hate to say this as NBC has done a great job in the past but, what little I have watched is over commented by washed up commentators.

The Olympic coverage has to change if they want it to be watched by a digitally connected world, sponsors make the Olympics happen but what happens when the public tunes out? The Olympic committee will have to figure out a way forward because this connected family is not connecting to 2012 Total #Fail Olympics. [fblike layout_style=’standard’ show_faces=’false’ verb=’like’ font=’arial’ color_scheme=’light’]

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3 thoughts on “2012 Total #Fail Olympics

  1. Gotta disagree with you here, Todd. NBC is probably providing the most coverage ever of the Olympics with EVERY event streamed LIVE via the internet. If you can’t avoid the spoilers just watch the events live online via the NBC website or one of their mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone or Android. I’ve been using my wife’s iPad and have been catching many events that don’t even make the normal broadcast cut. I can’t really blame NBC for structuring their prime time broadcast to gain the most viewers and hence advertising dollars.

  2. Your outrage seems phony. Why do tech guys all latch onto whatever the big thing to complain about happens to be, and treat it like some sort of horrific travesty?

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