Windows Phone Marketplace hits 35,000 Apps

One year after it’s launch Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace now has 35,000 apps available.  While the growth may not be at the breakneck pace that iPhone and Android experienced, it’s been steadily growing.  Windows Phone launched with 1,000 apps on October 21, 2010 and had hit 15,000 by it’s six month anniversary.  That shows an increase over the second six months, which is encouraging for the platform.  Here is a breakdown of some of the current numbers.

  • Apps currently available: 35,249
  • Apps that are inactive: 5,099
  • Percentage of free apps: 52%
  • Average app price: $1.70
  • Number of apps added in the last 24 hours: 67

With the  big Nokia World Conference coming later this week we will get our first real look at the upcoming Nokia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 (leaked press photo bow).  With Nokia now on board, and the first devices from them about to hit the market, we can probably expect to see a growth spurt in the Marketplace.  Nokia, while they have struggled in recent times, is still the worldwide leader in smartphones and their name carries some weight, especially overseas.

How many apps will be available this time next year?  I couldn’t find any analyst predictions, but my guess, given that it is trending upwards, would be at least 100,000.  Still no match for Android and iOS, but as long as they have the hottest and most used apps – the Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – not many people will be complaining about the overall numbers.

Source: Numbers courtesy of WP7AppList. Nokia 800 photo from Pocketnow.