AT&T Dead Zones in Hawaii!

I spend a lot of time in my car here in Hawaii and attempt to do some hands free business calls while I am mobile. It is a great utilization of my time given how bad the traffic is. Today was the final straw, I was disconnected a total of 23 times over a 150 minute period. For brevity sake, I am outlining the worst areas to be caught on the phone. I have no labeled AT&T that using the iPhone in Hawaii anytime you are mobile is now a Business Liability!

The funny thing is my wife who has a T-Mobile phone almost never gets disconnected. I guess that is why AT&T needs to buy T-Mobile, because they cannot keep people connected to their service so they have to buy a company that has better coverage and technology to protect against dropped calls. One thing is obvious AT&T cannot handle switching you from tower to the other. If you gave me a spray paint can, I could mark the areas on the highways where your cell is gonna drop the service is so predictable.

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