My Two Month Review of the Original iPad

I have had my iPad for about two months, I decided to get the original iPad even though I knew iPad 2 was coming. There was nothing that the iPad 2 had that I wanted and I was able to get the original iPad for a reasonable price. Am I glad I got it, the answer is a resounding yes, I use it daily. To start with I use it to do the following:

* follow Twitter
* follow Facebook.
* read my email
* watch videos
* play games
* take notes
* read magazines

Could I do these things on a net book, or a laptop, yes but it is so much nicer on an iPad. Using your fingers to slide and flip from one thing to another is so much nicer and more natural than typing. I also find it much easier to carry with me to the local coffee shop then a laptop. It’s the perfect device to hand to someone else and say look at this.

What I have found it is not good at:

* holding it up and reading it for a long time ( it does get heavy)
* writing really long post

What I have heard it’s not good at:

* writing a program
* reading in bright sunlight (not a big problem in the winter in West Virginia)
* editing video

If someone asked me if they should get an iPad I would first ask them what they expect from it, if they expect it to replace a desktop, I would tell them to look else where. If they are looking for a consumption device, that does so much more than I say go for it. I known some people look down at the iPad because it is at its core a consumption device. To that I say so what, there is a lot to consume in the world today and it’s nice to have a device that does it well.