Record Your Finished Tasks With iDoneThis

There are many online and free ways to make a To-Do List, but what about those times when you need to track things already done.  For instance, I need to keep track of the number of articles I write.  Well, there’s something for that now also.  iDoneThis is a free calendar type service that allows you to easily keep track of what you have done via email.

The service is free to sign up for and offers no premium options.  There are also no ads on the page which begs one to wonder about the business model.  To sign up you simply choose a user name, enter your email address, and choose a password.  Once that is done you will be greeted  with a brief explanation of how the site works.

As you can see in the sceenshot above you can choose your timezone and you will then receive a daily email at 6:45pm local time.  You respond with a list of what you have done and iDoneThis will record in in your calendar.

The Settings page is as simple as the rest of the site – it consists only of choosing a time zone and changing your password.  You can also click on Calendar to view your list of accomplishments.  The calendar view is of the current month and you can scroll forwards or backwards to choose other months.

The site and it’s functionality are simple.  There’s no hassles of any kind in signing up or using the service.  The only drawback I have found is the inability to change the time of the daily email.