Smartfish Ergonomic Keyboard

Since the invention of the computer keyboard, Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have been a major health problem among computer users. There have been many attempts to create an ergonomically correct keyboard, but none have truly address the problem of Repetitive Stress Injuries. Dr. Jack Atzmon the founder of Smartfish Technology believes that motion and not position is the key to preventing RSI. Smartfish products are created based on this belief. The newest product is the Engage Keyboard, 2011 Best of Innovations Honoree at CES

The Engage Keyboard has a patent motion system (Ergo Motion)which adjust the keyboard so that your hands do not remain in a rigid positions. These are fine adjustments that keep the user comfortable, but still force them to change the postion of their hands and wrist. This create a more natural motion. This adds to flexibility, better circulation and alleviate stress and pain. The Engage Keyboard is well designed and intuitive to use.  A user can become an expert in a very short time. The Engage Keyboard was created with help from the The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The keyboard will be on sale for $149.00 Some of the proceeds from the sales of the keyboard will go to the hospital