AMD 4 And 6 Core Processors Announced

AMD earlier announced a processor it hopes will challenge the Atom in the mobile space – the Fusion, which promises up to 10 hours of battery life.  Now they are going for the throat with their big guns.  They have just announced the Phenom II 2.9 and 3.6 GHz processors.

The 3.6GHz Phenom II X4 975 and 2.9GHz Phenom II X6 1065T processors are 4 and 6 core respectively.

·The AMD Phenom™ II X4 975 Black Edition is AMD’s fastest quad-core processor, an enthusiast’s favorite including unlocked clock multipliers and quad-core performance.

·The AMD Phenom™ II X6 1065T is a new six-core processor combining high performance, low 95W TDP, and AMD Turbo CORE technology.

These are high-intensity video processors meant to bring digital video entertainment into our homes in videos, pictures, gaming, and even 3D.  They also claim to improve performance while multi-tasking.

AMD had previously challenged, and even moved ahead of Intel in chip market, but then fell back behind in recent times.  This is a big move to put them back at the forefront.  We will have to wait for real-world  testing of these new processors to see if they have succeeded, but it is certainly a big challenged they have issued to Intel.