AT&T Can No Longer be Trusted!

AT&T I hated this company during the days of deregulation by the tricks they played to keep from losing long distance customers to Sprint and MCI, now once again I am beyond words of what I think about this company. I had planned on buying my wife a 3G iPad but as of today I will not buy the 3G version. The reason is simple. AT&T has handicapped the device with new data plan restrictions to include handicapping anyone buying a new iPhone.

If I was Apple I would be pissed!  AT&T has squandered the public trust a final time. I guess AT&T found out that when people buy devices and are told they can use them without restrictions they actually use them without restrictions. So much for tethering the iPhone they are gonna charge you and extra $20.00 and not give you any more bandwidth on top of the money you have to pay for the data plan. I can see the discussion, lets give them tethering but so little bandwidth they actually won’t use it.

I have had enough of their Bait and Switch Tactics and will no longer support the company through any further purchases of Apple products that require me to use AT&T. Who in their right mine changes their pricing for iPad data plans 30 days after the launch? I will tell you who. A company that is scarred to death of streaming apps like Pandora coming to the iPhone/iPad.  They said OMG someone may actually listen to music all day long on 3g we cannot encourage that.. This is legalized net neutrality data shaping through lowering bandwidth caps.

I will instead buy my wife a Wi-Fi iPad and get her a Sprint MIFI Overdrive 3G/4G  unit that she can carry in her purse and not only use with her iPad but also with a laptop. To Hell with AT&T.

I spend a lot of money each month on “mobile” connectivity. I have 2 mobile cards one from Verizon and one from Sprint, because when I travel I can bust through their 5gb cap on a card in two weeks. I have an unlimited iPhone account and was going to get my wife the 3G iPad so she could do research on her book without having to fire up a laptop when running the kids around town.

AT&T made billions of dollars last year, how come they did not take some of this billions and do more capital improvements so that I do not have to write this article. In all honesty I really want to swear like a sailor in this article to really let them know how I feel. So instead I will let your imagination imagine what I really wanted to say.

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3 thoughts on “AT&T Can No Longer be Trusted!

  1. I was thinking about getting a 3G iPad myself – but not. I may not even get an iPad at all. There aren’t too many free public wifi hotspots around HNL to justify such an expensive gadget. Maybe I will wait for an iPod Touch (I never owned one) that has a built in camera.

    I don’t do cell phones. Don’t like any of the pricing plans they chain you to.

  2. The “actual problem,” John Delius, is that ATT has lost their flippin’ minds. For whatever reason they think that people want to pay more for less service/caps. They think that demand will not increase. They don’t think they are making enough money off the backs of the working man already (their PROFIT is in the BILLIONS every year), and that we’ll pay more for the same service we’ve been getting. They also seem to think that demand is not going to increase. Hello, the horse is OUT of the barn, we are increasing demand every single day with all our devices, and it’s not ever going to decrease again. ATT needs to get off their rear-ends and make infrastructure improvements NOW. They have the cash to do so. Time to do it.

  3. The reason is simple. AT&T has handicapped the device with new data plan restrictions to include handicapping anyone buying a new iPhone. Am I missing something or did you forget to explain what the actual problem is?????

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