My Kindle Might Actually Be Worth Something After All!

I’ve had an Amazon Kindle DX for about a year now. I have yet to read a complete book on the device, and mostly, it sits around losing power and then crying when it wants to be plugged in. Okay, figuratively crying, as it does not usually cry out loud. I think the device is nifty, and has its purpose, but I buy so few books that to buy them for the Kindle would be out of character. Yes, I know there are freebies, and I have several dozen of those downloaded and on the device, if I ever decide I want to read them. It just hasn’t been the “wow” device I had anticipated; I still prefer the feel of a print book in my hand, I guess.

But Amazon has announced that they will be adding the ability to interface somewhat with Twitter and Facebook, and is adding additional fonts and zoom to the device, as well as allowing you to create “collections” to sort your books. Now these are things I might just be able to get into. One thing I hate is scrolling through all my titles looking for things I’ve downloaded; about half of what’s on my Kindle are PDF’s and text files I uploaded to transport with me to a meeting. I have to scroll through the book titles and hope I remember the name of the file I’m looking for as I’m going. If I could create folders and put certain things together in those folders, that would be pretty useful. And an ability to connect to Facebook for me would be a bonus, if it worked. Right now you can do it through the browser on the Kindle, but it is rather a painful process and you won’t know if you were successful or not unless you can check your posting on a computer or smartphone later.

I am digging for more details; the information from Amazon is sketchy at best, but deployment is supposed to happen by the end of May.

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