3D TV Specs Not Compatible

I read this article over at Home Cinema Choice and despaired.  Despite being based on the same technology,  the 3D specs used by Samsung and Panasonic aren’t compatible….unless you wear them upside down.

What were they thinking?  And why couldn’t someone have simply picked up the phone and said, “Hey guys, what way round are you doing your 3D glasses?”

This could be as big as Blu-ray v HD-DVD all over again, with Sony going for one eye and Toshiba going for the other.  Not.

I’d be wary of any new technology until they have time to sort the bugs out, but frankly, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

3 thoughts on “3D TV Specs Not Compatible

  1. The TV makers collectively introduced their 3-D HDTV models in January of this year at CES. All but one or two, demonstrated their product with “shutter” glasses. These “active” battery powered glasses were, indeed, not compatible with a competitive TV model. It has to do with the frequency of the IR signal from the TV to the eyeware. Additionally, the glasses are selling in the $100.00 – $150.00 price range. TV maker LG, has realized that the price and incompatibility of the “shutter” glasses presented a barrier to many TV buyers. This month LG will introduce a 3-D HDTV in the UK. This TV will use “passive” glasses technology. A simple plastic frame with circular polarized film lenses. The glasses will probably sell at retail in the $3.00 – $10.00 range depending on design etc.

    We expect the other TV makers will follow with this technology and we will see them in the USA (perhaps) by Christmas.

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