Using GotoMeeting as a Virtual Office

While I am always advocating the use of GotoMeeting in Lieu of traveling I found a unique use for GotoMeeting while I was on consulting gigs in October. For that month I found myself gone from my office nearly everyday during the month.

I found myself having meetings with the RawVoice staff, in addition to my clients while on travel. Generally I will have GotoMeeting sessions with clients only and spend a lot of time answering emails from the team.

But we were closing a number of large projects and it was just easier to launch a GotoMeeting session and do design reviews that required us visually look at the project together. We were able to see changes being made to graphics and site design elements on the fly.

The Interaction was pretty amazing and probably saved us a weeks worth of email messaging back and forth. I was able to pull team members in and out of the meetings at will. There was one day when I just left the same meeting session open all day and folks bounced in and out at will.

It was like people bringing things into the office for me to review without actually having to be at the office. So if you are looking for a way to improve your productivity and have a virtual office GotoMeeting worked great

While GotoMeeting is a sponsor here I wanted to share the unique way I used the application over the course of a month away from the office. You can try and see how a virtual office works out for you. Get a free trial today.

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