An Introduction

As this is my first post to Geek News Central, perhaps I might introduce myself.  My name is Andrew Palmer, and Todd’s asked me to come on-board as one of the new contributors to the website.  I’m delighted to be here and I hope to share some of my thoughts about the world around us.

To give you a bit of background about myself, I live in Belfast in the UK and I work as an ICT project manager in a public sector health and social care organisation.   Think hospitals and health centres.

Prior to that, I worked in the private sector for a number of IT consultancies and software houses.  To up my geek credentials, I coded for many years in C and C++ on Sun Solaris Unix developing power systems analysis software.  Seriously hardcore.

Coming from the other side of the pond, I also hope to bring a British and European perspective to an often US-centric world.  Sometimes the ripples from the US reach here in different and unexpected ways.

Currently, I run OpenSuSE 11.1 Linux at home and Ms Vista at work.  Home is pretty well kitted out with IP devices, including web cams, internet radios, NAS devices, a media server and a proper firewall against the Internet (SmoothWall Express).

Outside of IT, I have a range of interests including motorsport, scuba diving and cinema: I’ll try and bring whatever elements of those that I can to the GNC.

Of course, I will be adhering to Todd’s high standards of disclosure and you can assume that unless stated otherwise, all products or services mentioned will have been purchased or obtained by myself without privilege.

Be seeing you.


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