GNC-2009-09-22 #513 In Studio H

I am back in Studio H, the tooth fairy, or someone shipped me a JVC ProHD camera thanks but care to let me know who sent it? Is it time for a clothing sponsor for the show? Lot’s of tech news folks and I get you caught up on what has been happening. Nice to be back in the studio here in Hawaii with better bandwidth than what hotels offer up. Possible appearance at Podcamp Philly!

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Listener Links:
UK Stephen Fry on File Sharing Lecture.
Archos 9
More Microsoft Student Discounts on Windows 7.
Google swings back at Apple over Google Voice Application!

Show Links:
Is Amazon Going to be an Online Walmart?
Boys and there Toys (Want One)!
56MB/ps HSPA coming in 2010!
Seagate 2TB 64mb cache 7200 rpm drive is smokin!
FCC Major Net Neutrality Initiative outlined!
Comcast not Happy with FCC Anouncement!
FCC Lays out 6 objectives that they want put into law!
Verizon and AT&T say no way for Wireless on FCC Announcement!
FCC Fights back over Comcast P2P throttling court submission.
Our Online data slowly goes away!
AT&T 3GS Microcell.
Archos 5 Tablet is simply smoking!
Do you do Graphics Work? Have a online Portfolio?
iPhone App ported to Zune in 12 hours?
20+ Useful Mac Applications.
Ubuntu boots in 5 seconds with SSD?
Is VC Money going way of Dinosaur?
Five things that drive iPhone users crazy!
Griffin Kids Headphones!
MySpace two way Twitter (Yawn).
File Sharing up in UK Despite Music Industry Growth?
Patent Trolls play hardball against outer!
12 Super Radical Ideas!
Saturn Rings in 3d?
Dell buys Perot Systems 3.9 Billion!
Nine ways to Increase RT on Twitter!
Smart Meters save consumers 40% on Power!
Northern Ice Caps start to Freeze!
Colleges going online will your kids stay home to go to school?
Old Article 35 iPhone Apps.
Facebook does deal with devil whoops Nielsen :)
Are Twitter DM really Private?
Tech companies with lots of cash to start M&A?

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