Conserving Power

I have just spent a nightmare six weeks at work while we moved a computer lab and two dozen faculty and staff offices within a building.  Through a seemingly random series of stops and starts, we have finally landed in our new homes, beaten and battered, but not broken.  I have sore knees, sore muscles, and bumps on my head from crawling around under desks.  And as we re-acclimate to our new surroundings, I am realizing that moving computers is never simple.

And my biggest complaint?  Cable management.  Particularly, why are we still having to plug in two power cords for every PC we install?  One for the CPU, one for the monitor.  In this day and age, why have we not reached a place where we can plug in one power cord?  Realigning power was our number one issue during the move; for every PC there had to be at least two free power outlets.  Our safety inspectors do not want us using power strips or surge protectors, but we really have no choice when there is one wall outlet and two computers.  And in reality, the draw on the wall outlet is not significant.  One pc and one monitor, plus maybe a set of speakers, is not really an issue.  So why, oh why, have we not figured out how to power the entire PC including a monitor and speakers, on one power cord?

There was a reason I liked our all-in-one machines from Gateway a few years back.  And why I like my laptop so much:  one cord.  Just one.