GNC-2009-06-05 #483 Video is a Main Topic!

Newsletter subscribers check your emails for clues but you have to listen as well to win. I talk about the Video Gravy train for a bit tonight. Looking for input from non podcasters details on the show. As we head into the summer months you will want to remember to take the show with you as you roll outside to do yard work heck you can even have fun with it by shouting out in agreement when I hit some company with criticism.

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Show Topic Notes:
Mark is correct free ride on Video is about Over!
Sony Digital Copies on UMD Library to be Available
45mps Wireless downloads on Airlines?
Palm Pre iTunes Support Funky
Cool Clock but way to Pricey
Great 4th of July Prank
AT&T Prepaid Data Plans Good Idea!
Have you tried Bing?
Steve Jobs how bad was it?
iPhone Video? Weird ring to it!
FTC shuts down Webhost with 15k Customers
Cirque to be next ISS Tourist
Endeavor good for Launch on 6-13.
Atlantis back at Kennedy Space Center.
RIAA no Takers in 6 Months for ISP Cooperation plan???
EFF to track Terms of Service Changes
10 Hot Jobs
Warrantless Wiretapping and Surveilance Suit tossed out!
This is Hogwash how long have we been holding reg Phones?
Hulu looking to get your Money?
DOJ looking at Hiring in the Valley.
Oprah hottest Tech Ticket in Town.
Record Video Watching Last Month!
Manage files in OSX outside of the horrid Finder
YouTube coming to your Flat Screen!
Tuesday Next week will be a big Patch Tuesday
ICANN Finally taking action on DNS Security
Stem Cells Treatment cause site to be regained!
DVD Sniffing Dog makes big bust!
Go get them Cher!

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