GNC-2009-05-21 #479 Headed for Honolulu!

Headed back to Honolulu, I have loved my time in Texas but ready to get back to Hawaii and spend time with the family. The last month has been a long one for my wife and I and I am looking forward to the weekend. Be safe out there and enjoy this show.

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Listener Links:
Amazon goes Postal
Text While Driving Poll Results
GPS System close to failure?
Study Ball $115.36

Show Topic Notes:
Jetpack Project
Laptop cooler using Ion technology
1.6TB Storage on DVD sized Disk?
Cool SATA HDD dock
Urine is the new Water on the ISS
Robots on Mars work to free Opportunity!
Amazon allows Delivery of Data via Fedex.
Mogulus is now
Faster Google Searches for those logged in.
Pet Gadgets now in vogue!
Brilliant Bill lay pipe for fiber during road projects!
Media companies want more money from Pirate Bay.
Cable companies want to experiment on Public.
CES expanding Apple section by 21,000 square feet!
Hubble is now loaded for more science!
Limelight buys Kiptronic!
Crater on Mars reveals water history on Mars.
21 Satellites per year for next 10 years to be launched!
Judge Reviewing Pirate Bay Biased Judge removed for same Bias.
FCC can search your home without a warrant!
24hrs of Video uploaded every minute on YouTube!
Netflix now on Windows Media Center!
Linux for Power Windows Users.

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