Boston Globe on Verge of being Shutdown

dominoesIt seems newspapers are falling like dominoes, and quite honestly I think it is going to get much worse for other papers nationwide. If your like me, during the weekdays I simply do not have time to read the paper I get my news fix online. On Sunday I usually have some time but I usually skip 90% of the news because its dated.

The main reason we get the Sunday paper at all is that my lovely wife likes to score the coupons that come in the Sunday paper. I usually review the sales flyers and maybe the Hawaii section. The rest of the newspaper is generally full of commentary that I largely can not relate with or have already read online 3–4 days earlier.

While I have never read the Boston Globe, if the news and commentary is anything like the Honolulu Advertiser I can only imagine that the Honolulu Advertiser may be headed down the same path as the Boston Globe.

While it is sad to see these big newspapers fail maybe it is time for them to scale back and only cover local news, and leave national reporting and commentary to Internet coverage.

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One thought on “Boston Globe on Verge of being Shutdown

  1. I think this is very bad news.

    Newspapers are very important for local and national debate – for making people aware of what is taking place, and for monitoring what politicans, the media, and companies do. It is a control mechanism.

    Not everyone has digital access, or wants it. I think more people should go out a purchase a newspaper everyday, read it and hand it on.

    A free press starts with you buying a newspaper.

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