GNC-2009-04-28 #472 The March to 500 Shows

We have a winner for the crispy $100.00 bill one other person got very close but only one hit the nail on the head. Rather late start to the show tonight as I am loaded up pretty heavy with the misses out of town how does she do everything by herself when I am gone is beyond me. Lot’s of tech news tonight. I have a bit of a rant on ustream tonight as you may expect. Special thanks goes out to Roz Savage who was my guest on Saturday evening.

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Listener Links:
Webgrows without Profit
10 Cool USB accessories
GE puts 100 DVD’s on Single Disk
TWC Customer Cutoff for using to much BW
When your sick don’t be surfing Facebook
Live News Camera Site
The making of Classic Doom Video

Show Notes:
HP shows of new Pro-Series of Notebooks.
VholdR ContourHD helmet cam that works!
Will Real Win DVD Ripping Case?
CDC Twitter Account Tweets info on Swine Flu!
Sim Card Mini Spying Device.
Long Island NY has 100mps Internet Service Available.
Verizon made a Pile of Money in Previous Quarter.
Apple wants to Play with Verizon “Smart”
The 411 in Video Ad Formats.
President Obama announces the Science and Technology Advisory Council.
Big Blue to take on Jeopardy in Computer Versus Man.
India purchases 250k OLPC Laptops.
RapidShare Sharing your Login and File Sharing Info.
EU extends Copyright on Music and Film 20 more Years
Need to Repair a Rockband Guitar.
4Chan games Time Magazine Poll in a big way!
Quicktime sync to YouTube is coming!
Android based Notebook soon?
Time to Look a OOMA Voip Services.
Fuss about XP Mode in Windows 7 Huge News!
A Mini PC in your PC embedded on your Network Card!
Archive team sucking in Geocities before close.
UK Gov’t says we will collect everything!
Congressional Rep Demos Video Streaming to supreme court judges.
Companies can learn a lot on how Twitter does not go after trademark violators.
Want to Live Forever Yes or No.
Aliens by 2019? Depends on what you classify Aliens.

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