My Congratulations to Chris McIntyre!

Chris-mcintyreBack in 2004 when we figured out podcasting was going to change the world, I spent a huge amount of time on the phone and on chat with Chris McIntyre the founder and creator of Podcast Alley

Long before I started RawVoice he had been hired away by the folks at Mevio aka Podshow. Over the past 4 plus years I have seen and chatted with Chris from time to time and always wished him the best.

I have said to many people that in my opinion Chris and I are both wired about the same way, and he probably knew instinctively what we were going to come out with when we launched and

I was very lucky to have Chris be the technical editor of my book Podcasting the Do it Your Self Guide that I released in 2005.

So I must admit with a bit of embarrassment tonight to find out that Chris had left Mevio close to two months ago, and has joined the company Change:Healthcare back in his home state of Tennessee.

I am ecstatic for Chris that he has found a great position. I look forward to catching up with Chris in a bigger way seeing we can talk shop and not worry about a conflict of interest. 

The First Question I have Chris is what’s the plan with Podcast Alley? Maybe we ought to talk


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