Having Feedburner Issues?.. Well I Told You So!

2009-feedburnerdownOhh how people are crying about the pain they are suffering through lost listeners and lost readers because feedburner has become less reliable.

Those of you that bashed me in the past for telling you that you better be in control of your own RSS feed well guess what your screwed!

If you would have listened to me, you would be up and running with no issues. You know why? I control my own RSS feed and not some third party service.

BTW I really don’t have an opinion on this.. Ohh Just check this Link

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One thought on “Having Feedburner Issues?.. Well I Told You So!

  1. While this Feedburner nonsense is certainly annoying, you can still control your RSS feed and use Feedburner at the same time. If you create feeds.yourdomain.com and use their CNAME forward service, you can always move elsewhere later and keep everyone who subscribed with feeds.yourdomain.com. Sure you might not have reliable stats at the moment from Feedburner, but you haven’t lost any subscribers if you have people subscribe to a URL you control. The service at the other end is just a value add (or temporary subtraction at the moment).

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