Moving your Thunderbird mail to a new computer? Here’s help!

As I noted in another post earlier today, I got a new computer. This meant that three years of Thunderbird mail that I’d decided not to delete needed to move over to the new laptop from the old laptop. If you’re using Outlook, you can just backup everything to a PST file and place it on the new machine.

Unfortunately, Thunderbird was going to give me a few more problems in getting transferred over. I could transfer the files and data, but I was not going to get my profile, which in my case includes 22 email accounts along with my signature files and archived templates. And I am not in a position where I want to lose all that I’ve worked so hard on.

So I went out searching. I did find a few references to ways to do it, including this one on Quomon that was complex, but would work. But I’m a busy person, and I don’t have time to spend a couple hours on this process, so I kept searching.

That’s when I found Presto Transfer Thunderbird from For a mere $12.95, I got an automated process to do the work for me. Trust me, based on the manual method I found above, Presto was worth every penny of the $12.95. It installed in about 12 seconds, the registration and purchase took another minute or two, and I immediately got my access code in email and a nice “thank you for doing business with us” followup email. I attached an external hard drive to the laptop and set the program to go to work. This was a not a speedy process, it took about three hours for Presto to archive, compress, and save an executable file on my external hard drive that grabbed everything related to Thunderbird. I let it run overnight, and this morning ran the executable on the new laptop, and within four minutes I was up and running with Thunderbird on the new laptop.

One note, you should download and install Thunderbird onto the new machine FIRST, but do not run it. That way the Presto executable will create the new files in the correct space without any muss or fuss.

p.s. If you have not checked out, it’s a great website for answering and asking questions. I’ve found a ton of great answers to simple problems there and often recommend it to people looking for immediate help with a software issue.

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