The Truth About ATT DSL

I have to freely admit that in general, I am a fan of AT&T. I know, that just breaks Todd’s heart, but we have AT&T here for our local phone service, our wireless service, and our broadband service. We don’t have any choices, really, so this is what we deal with, and in general, I am happy with the way things are. When it comes to their wireless cell phone business with us, I am more than thrilled at their customer service, coverage area, quick solutions to our issues, and ability to make on-the-fly changes to our account as needed.

In addition to our wireless and home phone service we also have Pro-Class DSL (business). We could add in Dish Network in the bundle if we wanted, but currently have DirecTV which we are happy with.

We would not have Charter Digital Cable (the cable company we have access to) in our house if they were the last vendor on the planet. Their outages are embarrassingly well-known, and customer service is a huge joke. DirecTV can offer a sort of bandwidth, but it isn’t fast enough for us. So we continue to use the AT&T DSL, which gives us downloads of 6 Mbps and uploads of about 2.5 mbps in real time. They advertise 4 down and 1.5 up for the Pro-Class, but we get better than that. So I have no complaints about speed. We regularly have six computers on the home network running, and I can tell you my teens spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. I do not know what our bandwidth usage is, I will have to set up some sort of metering to see what our usage actually is. (If anyone has suggestions for a software program to use for metering, let me know!)

After hearing last week that AT&T was going to cap bandwidth, I called customer service for our DSL and asked about the cap. I was told right away that none of the customer service reps have been told that there is going to be any sort of cap on DSL bandwidth, that the only cap has been the 5 mb cap on the Wireless Laptop Card. That 5 mb cap has been in existence for a very long time; I know I knew about it when I first looked at getting a laptop card. But they have no plans to cap the wired service to our house. That is good news for us, but it is also something I will be keeping an eye on. I don’t want them to pull a Time-Warner on us.

But, as I said, overall I’m very happy with the service we get from AT&T both at home and on our cells. I guess I haven’t encountered the problems others have. In fact, I was just at the AT&T store this morning helping my mother replace her dying cell (it is on our family plan), and we were in and out with a brand new phone in less than 20 minutes. Easy-peasy.

2 thoughts on “The Truth About ATT DSL

  1. I hadn’t heard that AT&T was going to set caps. Where did you read this? I’m an AT&T DSL customer and have been really happy with their service. The company itself has done some scumming things in the past (like helping the NSA spy on Americans) but I’ve found their DSL to be extremely reliable and fast. If they were to set caps, that would be unfortunate. I transfer over 77 gigs a month and a lot of this is due to watching streaming video and my Vudu box. It also wouldn’t be the smartest move as they roll out U-Verse and other IP based technologies; they should be encouraging people to get everything they need over IP, not discouraging it.

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