Sleeping with the Enemy causes Yahoo to Loose their Minds

Hey are not Google and Yahoo competitors? With Microsoft out and Google in I am simply amazed by the business decisions being made at Yahoo. One thing for sure is that it will be fun to watch how this all plays out. I get the feeling Yahoo is a sinking ship and they are desperate to stay above water.

Microsoft needs to do a big huddle and come up with a game plan and quick. It’s almost like Microsoft has lost their ability to fight and make smart business decisions. The folks at Apple are smearing them left and right on television advertising, yet Microsoft has yet to stand up to many of the ridiculous claims. Microsoft has ignored a lot of startups that have a lot going for them and could have brought some innovation to the table.

Yahoo has lost their way so bad that they have now decided to partner with the competition. I guess the saying if you can’t beat them join them applies here.

Google is smiling all the way to the bank. Let me see here, they now are big daddy to Yahoo. The are infringing on Microsofts key product lines with online offerings and Google remains king of search with no one having a chance to beat them. It is indeed strange times. [Yahoo]


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2 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy causes Yahoo to Loose their Minds

  1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. There’s nothing wrong in my mind for two competitors to join forces in making a better marketplace for everyone. I was all for Sirius + XM as opposed to letting one or the other go under. If Yahoo is thinking that way, they need any revenue they can get. It’s not only about competition/war but serving the needs of the company and it’s customers, whoever they might be

    Re: Mark
    I don’t know that we do need anti-trust in this situation. I’m not any more afraid of yahoo+google than I am of Google alone. Yahoo is a noncompetitor.

  2. If the justice department sits by for this one then we know they’ve (Google) lined someones pockets. Its time for the anti-trust division to get a spine. Yahoo has become the largest joke in Silicon Valley I’m glad I don’t use any of their services.

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