Comcast Increases Upstream Speeds where is Time Warner?

Comcast announced today that they have increased upstream speeds for it’s performance and performance plus residential customers. For those that create a lot of media this a huge announcement,

Comcast has a lot of faults, but it is obvious that they are starting to listen to their customers. This action by Comcast is happening at the same time that Time Warner is testing bandwidth caps out in Texas.

Being in a market in which Time Warner holds a monopoly, we have not seen a speed increase in our broadband Internet Service from Time Warner in over 10 years.

I like many other Americans would rather have more bandwidth then HD channels. My family has our bandwidth tapped out, on both the upload and download pipe. Beyond paying for a second cable connection I am beyond frustrated with the lack of choices we could really use a upstream speed increase out here in Hawaii.

Congrats Comcast users and shame on Time Warner for not being a leader in the broadband space.

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One thought on “Comcast Increases Upstream Speeds where is Time Warner?

  1. Cox Communications has done the same thing I believe in almost all their markets, as well here in AZ a week ago I used to get around 512k upload I have been getting about 3 megabit all week so farplus I went from about 10megabit down to 20megabit down.

    Come on Time Warner all the cool cable companies are doing it ;)

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