Firefox 3 Being Released Tuesday

Firefox 3 is ready to jump out of Beta and onto our laptops starting Tuesday. Improved features include being able to add keywords to bookmarks to more easily sort them, as well as a new feature that allows users to add “places” and easily access websites they visit regularly but haven’t bookmarked.

Firefox also has improved their download feature, allowing downloads that have been interrupted due to power or connection failure to resume where they left off. This single feature is the most relevant for me, as I often am trying to download something “heavy” and chew up my home network’s wireless connection and have to start over.

Security features have also been improved, including outright blocking of phishing sites, rather than just warning about them to the user.

FF3 is also going to be a little speedier, eat up a bit less RAM when left running for long periods of time, and offer easier and more visible navigation. I’m a keyboard person myself and will not notice the difference in navigation with buttons, but I know others will.

I’ve been using Firefox since it first came out, and have no intention of ever using Internet Explorer again.