HP TouchSmart PC revealed at Bloghaus

I will be bringing you some pictures and video later on this new device. All I can say it is beautiful. Stand by for more information.

Quick Picture Video Coming Shortly


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2 thoughts on “HP TouchSmart PC revealed at Bloghaus

  1. This pc looked like it had everything to offer for our family with the touchscreen, Media Center, a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as Vista. What a disappointment! The frustration of not being able to log on to different sites and check email due to the wireless keyboard either missing keys or adding extra letters, to not being able to set up Media Center because MC could not detect the IR (which by the way is built in) caused us to actually take the TouchSmart back and return it to the store. Two calls to HP and 2 Vista reinstalls did not resolve any issues. As of 2/25/07 HP did not have a solution for the IR issue and suggested we wait until they did. Sorry but if i am dropping close to $2000.00 I want a little better support than that.
    As a side note what’s with the 15% store return policy on pc’s? Who goes to the trouble and expense to buy a pc, use it then bring it back? Not only did I not have full use of a very expensive piece of technology, but then I am told I have to pay $300.00 just to return a defective pc? Anyone else deal with this?

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