Blogging the Bill Gates CES Keynote!

Ok folks I am blogging the Gates Keynote live from the BlogHaus and will be updating this entry live. Keep it tuned here as we are about 11 minutes to go.

Ok folks here we go

The pre-roll video is about the social and Bill is now speaking he is talking about the digital life style that we are all part of and how the PC is taking over things that PC’s would have never done. 40% of households now have more than one computer as is evident of stats from the readership of this blog

Bill thinks we are missing out on the connections meaning we want our music wherever we are and we want the experiences are seamless. He feels that Microsoft can help in the connected experiences.

Microsoft is at Milestones with the release of Vista and he feels that user generated content will be driving where windows goes. The last Vista Beta release was tested by over 5 million people.

He also talks about the new features of Office are starting to be really used and also the risk Microsoft took in the new version of Office and they are pleased with the response with the new version and is helping define the windows experience.

Demonstration time:
– Search Functions will expand across more than one machine but across a entire home network this is a new feature announcement

-Shadow Copy restoring documents that you have saved that you made a mistake. He says it is better than going back in time.

-In Word Documents you can tie an event that will go into Windows Live that will allow you to not only see the event but you can fly around a city to get your bearings and at the same time get live traffic updates.

-Media Center will have some cool Sports features that will give you all of the latest sports info and you can track stats and media center will keep track of your favorite players and it will send you alerts live when a person you are tracking is coming up to bat or something major has happened

– Vista DVD Maker has added some features that will allow people to easily create some cool presentations

– Vista Ultimate has a product called group shot that you can take two pictures that have bad elements and use technology to take the best of each and make a single picture perfect

– The background on your desktop can now be video clips or motion backgrounds.

-Zune Coverage starts now, they say they are now the #2 media player seller with the product moving over 1 million units

-Gaming Halo 3 is coming sometime in 2007

– Those that are running Windows Vista will be able to join Xbox Live in a suite of games that are opimized to run on Windows Vistal

-30 Million Windows Media Center sold this year.

-Connections to the car, Microsoft is partnering with Ford in bringing some cool capability to make the media experience in the car like nothing we have ever experienced this will bring the car media center type of technology to 12 of Fords vehicles.

-Bill Gates is closing about talking on were the technology is headed in the next four to five years and how technology is going to change the everything in our daily lives.

-I appreciate Microsoft’s forward thinking and where they think we are going to go. One thing for sure is that the PC manufactures are going to be busy making a lot of these cool devices that will integrate into our homes. I have no doubt that many of the things he is projecting will come to pass it’s just a mater of time.

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