Hitachi break 1TB Hard Drive Barrier

We have come a long way baby. It was not that long ago when I paid a cool $1000.00 for a drive that had 1.6GB and thought I was king of the hill. Modem speeds were at 28.8 and what was to become the modern Internet was just beginning to see some mainstream coverage.

Here we are today just a little over 10 years later and consumers non ending need for more storage will be able to buy a 1TB Drive. If your like me and your capturing a lot of video I can imagine 4 or 5 of these in a desktop someplace. Not to mention the backup capacity for all of that data as well.

We are truly in the digital age and the need for my storage is only going to continue to grow. Imagine this if you will. Today’s youth have the ability to digitally store nearly everything they do in life. Millions of pictures and 1000’s of videos will need to be archived for during the lifetime of each person. I shudder to think of the data needs as we move forward not to mention the impact to the environment. Where it all goes from here is yet to be seen only time will tell. Congrats to the Hitachi team. [Engadget]

Disclosure: I have been sponsored by Hitachi to go to the Consumer Electronics Show. This post was not sponsored and reflects my personal opinion.

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