PayPerPost gets a Partial Clue

One of the companies that has been on my Web Based Evil Empire list has been PayPerPost, yesterday they took the first step to getting off the list. They are now going to require full disclosure on paid blog postings.

They still have one step to go though to get fully off my list. They need to eliminate the option that advertiser require the post be positive. I think any company that is willing to allow a group of bloggers write about their product publicly for pay, should also be willing to take the good with the bad.

Here is one thing I will be doing when I see a blog post for a product or service that falls in the tech category that is a PayPerPost blog post. I am going to do my own unbiased review and see how it compares with the PayPerPost postings. If enough people do this, then PayPerPost and the associated bloggers who inflate posts will be shamed when they cross the line. []