GNC-2006-11-28 #220

Get your chance to win a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9.0 see bottom of show notes. Lots of content tonight and some great feedback and suggestions from listeners.

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Listener Links:
Mobiblu B153
Monitor Review
Cherie Cast

Show Notes (Non Exclusive)
Chinese Fakes
Podcast Production
Mels Universe (Appreciation Link)
WiFi Leach
Zune Cables
Videos Live, TV Dead
Dumb Criminal
One Spin
Xbox 360 Deal
101 Things
Digg Scam?
DIY Gifts
Keyboard Gaming Xbox 360
CBS President
Business and Podcasting
Media Tools of the Week
TechCrunch Workflow
No More Censorship
Open Source MP3 Player
ISS Golf Shot
AT&T – BellSouth
New Democracy Player
Altair 8800

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