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GNC-2006-12-29 #228

Last show of the year so I do some wrap up stats and of course bring you a full line of tech with a special performance at the end of the show by my two aspiring artist here in the house.

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Show Topics (Non Exclusive)
No Warrant Intrusion
Gmail Mail Fetcher
Gmail Mail MIA
ISP Tracking Torrents?
HDTV Dilemma
Astronomy Cool Pics 2006
Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
Don’t use $2.00 bill at Best Buy
Google to Bust Digg?
Power Hungry Electronics
Microsoft and Bloggers
AllofMP3 Responds
PayPerPost Acquisition
Asia Network Cables
Vista DRM
Sony tries to pull a fast one!
Vista Upgrade not Pretty!
Image Optimization for Websites
AT&T & BellSouth
Top Ten Apple Rumors

GNC-2006-12-19 #226

Someone wins a Zune tonight and thanks for all the feedback you all keep driving this show forward. Please support our sponsors without them this show would not be possible.

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Zune Update Flop
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Show Topics (Non Exclusive)
Time Magazine
Comcast Technician
Cold Turkey Cable TV
Digg User Wetting Himself
NZ Fossil
Good Hosting and Google
99 Tips
Mac Santa
SageTV for Mac
Wallet Alarm
NASA and Google
Fight Blog Spam
New Media Tools
Library of Congress
Google Audio Ads how about Podcastig?
Imbalanced Internet
Windows Media Rules
PSP Movies
Suburbs versus AT&T
Cars and Fairuse?
Fiber Optic Cable Contract

Big time Posting FRAUD by a TOP Digg Poster

I suppose this was bound to happen but it appears some top Digg users are being paid off. To make it worse some are being PAID by PR firm to put postings on Digg?

Jason Calacanis reports this on his blog

“A PR/marketing firm confirmed with me that they had a number of the top 50 users on digg now on the payroll–and this wasn’t a totally insignificant firm.”

Folks this really stinks to high heaven, and just goes to prove that anyone can be bought off. It’s one thing to post a Digg entry because you think something is worthy, it is quite another to post a Digg article having been paid to do it and use your current rank as a Top Digg users to manipulate the system. [Jason Calacanis]

GNC-2006-11-28 #220

Get your chance to win a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9.0 see bottom of show notes. Lots of content tonight and some great feedback and suggestions from listeners.

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Show Notes (Non Exclusive)
Chinese Fakes
Podcast Production
Mels Universe (Appreciation Link)
WiFi Leach
Zune Cables
Videos Live, TV Dead
Dumb Criminal
One Spin
Xbox 360 Deal
101 Things
Digg Scam?
DIY Gifts
Keyboard Gaming Xbox 360
CBS President
Business and Podcasting
Media Tools of the Week
TechCrunch Workflow
No More Censorship
Open Source MP3 Player
ISS Golf Shot
AT&T – BellSouth
New Democracy Player
Altair 8800

A Top 50 Digg User stops Digging and Starts Blogging!

TechsI asked in this Blog a few days ago why the Top Digg users don’t start blogging versus digging. These writers are obviously very talented in finding great content. Well today I received an e-mail from a Top 50 Digg user and he for now at least is going to Blog versus Digg his decision was partly due to my original post.

In response I have added his blog to my daily read list, if he really wants to kick it up a notch launch a new blog and recruit a team of top digg users post to and share the spoils. Count me in as a subscriber if they do. Heck I would pay to get access to a blog that the top diggers were actively posting to.

The price to get started is as close to zero as one can get. If they work together it could be a very powerful thing! []

Top Digg users should focus on their own Blogs

DiggTop Digg users are crying like kids having the car keys taken away over the algorithm changes that were put in place recently at Digg. Over the past couple of years I have probably submitted a dozen stories to Digg their with varying results but the question is why beyond ego would I care if I became a top digger? Those that spend a lot of time digging stories are not getting paid. I quit helping other people get rich a long time ago. The only thing they are getting is bragging rights.

If those top diggers would focus there efforts in putting that information on their own blogs I would be inclined to subscribe to those top diggers blogs and grace them with hit counts. I am always looking for good stories to link to. These folks obviously have a talent to finding good stories so their is no doubt in my mind that they would make good bloggers.

But instead for the last couple of days they have been crying about how they have been screwed over and how Kevin Rose is not participating in the discussion. At least they took that to their own blogs. []