Zone Labs needs to go back to the Lab!

I had been a faithful user of Zone Labs for a number of years. I always renewed my license on multiple machines and was generally as happy as any geek would be. But that all changed a year or so ago when Zone Labs who created firewall software that worked decided that they were going to try and become a one stop shop. What has resulted is in an abortion of a program that is still a great firewall but does everything else sub-standard.

They lost me as a customer, and now I use another product. What I don’t understand is why they had to go and mess a good thing up. The added features started interfering with Outlook and other default applications I have on my desk and was even slowing stuff down. The turning point came when I could not send e-mail. This is when the application was pulled. Even though the firewall I am using now is substandard to ZoneAlarm all I need from them is a firewall. I hope they wake the heck up and provide just that and quite trying to be a jack of all trades and master of none. []

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