Live Blog Chat

I have been reading the commentary on 3bubbles which is a company that is going to offer a chat widget for bloggers. The idea is visitors of the site would click the button tied to the 3bubbles application, and be instantly connected to the blogger to chat about his site. Well folks the days of the BBS user sitting in front of his computer waiting for someone to logon to chat to is long gone. First of all most bloggers work for a living.

I can imagine my boss coming into my office and asking me what’s up, and I respond, oh I am just chatting with someone on my weblog. Did someone say your so fired. Instant messages and Skype is bad enough I cannot even imagine anyone wanting to do this.

I would rather someone make some kick ass good audio response tools that can be used to have threaded audio conversations that I can run on my own site. Or someone develop a forum system that is not as buggy or security prone as phpbb. []