Top Ten Sources

I have to wonder if they are really finding the people that are the true authorities on subject matter. My sister is home schooling one of her children and I showed her the Home Schooling Top 10 Sources List and she spent about five minutes reading it and asked me is this person serious. It was obvious to me that she did not have a very high opinion of the site.

I am not a home school expert so don’t bash me I am just giving you the opinion of a mom who is home schooling a kid. I personally kind of hate Top 10 list because they can be pretty subjective and if your a subject matter expert on something you probably have a pretty strong opinion to include some bias.

The topic I consider myself a subject matter expert in that causes my phone to ring at all hours of the day and night has nothing to do with this website nor my podcast. Yet I have a pretty strong opinion on that topic and if I was ever to write a top 10 list you can bet it would be full of Todd’s opinion.

I am going to continue to watch Top Ten Sources, obviously the links and experts they find to create these list will be the subject of some scrutiny by others. []