Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition

For those that are vision impaired there is nothing that aggravates them more than not being able to access websites that have elements that make it impossible to navigate. Most of the time what stops vision impaired people form being able to access services is word verification systems commonly called “Captcha”. A long time reader of this website who happens to be vision impaired has a petition that he is collecting signatures on to get Google to get their act together and make their websites vision impaired friendly.

In part the partition reads:

“To: Google Inc.

We, the undersigned, ask Google Inc. to “do no evil” and follow their mission statement to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” by promptly adding accessibility to their visual word verification scheme so that the blind and visually impaired are allowed to fully participate in all products and services offered by the company on terms of equality with our sighted peers. ”

If you want to sign the Petition please visit

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