Download on a Stereo?

I have so many tapes, albums besides a huge cd collection that I have wanted for so long to have something like this. I am aware that I can hook a cable up from my computer to my stereo and record my previous media, but my stereo lacked the proper outputs. This almost looks like Tivo for the stereo. This is technology that any music lover could appreciate, how could you not?

I have accepted that I need to win the lottery to be able to purchase every single thing that comes out that I just have to have, but this is one thing, out of anything on my list, that will be worth the purchase. The line about put your albums in the attic sold me.

Do you think this technology will be the next Tivo for the stereo? What about a day when you can download your favorite podcast onto your stereo and actually set your stereo as a alarm clock to wake up to your favorite show?

Ok, I realize I am getting carried away, but this is really cool I think. See the link below.

[Rip and Burn and Download on a Stereo – New York Times]

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2 thoughts on “Download on a Stereo?

  1. Hey Todd, my iPod is my TiVo for my stereo…just get an extra dock from apple with a remote, plug it into an aux input in your existing stereo, and you can connect the iPod any time you want without having to keep multiple copies of your CDs everywhere. As for converting your CDs to MP3s, there are services available that will do it for you for something like $1 a CD.

    You may also want to look into the media center alternatives, which are not only cheaper but far more powerful in terms of functionality.


  2. Download on a Stereo?

    I saw this article in the New York Times this morning, and posted it on Geek News Central. As you can tell I am pretty excited. Check it out! Geek News Central Revealing Links & Useful Technical Information…

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