Apple is never going to open up it’s a communications Black Hole!

I hate to say it but if you are a die hard Apple fan you better read the linked article, because this author has hit the nail squarely on the head. Apple does not communicate, Apple does not have a person that publishes their cell phone number on their blog that I can call and get clarifications on or bitch about something that has made me mad. Guess what Microsoft does!.

Communications at Microsoft has spread into development teams. I have been able to ask some hard question in recent months, and many times have gotten the lead programmer or team lead to reply with an answer. I have been bitching and sending Apple e-mails for weeks and all of those messages have went into a black hole. Try calling someone at Apple thats a joke

Black Hole communicating is what I am going to start referring to Apple’s development and support teams. Comments and e-mails go in nothing comes out.

They have yet to answer at least a dozen questions many of us Podcasters have been asking for months surrounding iTunes, not to mention the travesty and abuse that is going on in their iTunes directory. Microsoft is beating them big time and their silence will be their demise. []

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  1. Ahh, we’re really working hard to get mentioned on Scoble’s site… trash Apple and sing the praises of Microsoft all in the same article… very good Todd, you’re Boing Boing skills are becoming finely honed young Jedi blogger. :-)

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