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So what will Apple release on August 7th?

A post by Robert Scoble a couple of days ago has resulted in five people asking me what’s coming from Apple or just pointing me at the post. I don’t watch the Apple space that close to know what they have cooking. I am sure whatever it is you will be required to spend at least $399.00 on it, and that you are going to probably get about 4 years of usage out of it, if your lucky before it breaks (aka iPod conspiracy).

On a serious note, every person that has listened to my last show that is a Mac user has told me to wait and not buy a Mac till the show is over. We will see what happens. [Scoble]

Paul Colligan on Podcasting and Microsoft

Paul gives Microsoft some advice on getting podcasting support integrated into windows. Here are my thoughts

1. Unless it comes by default with a computer or gets pushed in a update then I might as well keep on using juice.
2. It needs to have the directory integration built into the application but not like the abomination of a directory Apple has.
3. They need to give equal billing in their directory to all podcasters.
4. It has to be simple to use click, subscribed.

I have some more ideas, so Bill if you want to call me, and ask what those are I would be happy to share them with you. Come on Microsoft you got a pile of cash lets make it happen. Better yet let’s talk business, and let me help you get there []

More on Microsoft’s Origami

At this point the spin machine is out of control over at Microsoft, and I am sure that this device which we are now pretty sure will be a slimmed down tablet that will do video, music and some gaming is going to be a pretty cool device. But does this mean in 2 weeks when it is revealed that I am going to be able to go down to CompUSA and pick one up?

If they are not in stores they are announced a lot of people are going to be pissed off. I will not be so mad if we could buy one online, but what Microsoft needs to do here if they really want to make this launch sizzle is mail 500 of these to bloggers and have us test them a week before they are available, that would build real buzz and be something that would drive sales.

Or is this device just a prototype for Microsoft’s part lets hope not. [Scoble]

The MiniScoblizer is crushed by the Macbook Price!

I have to admit myself, $2000.00 bucks for a laptop! I have a top of the line HP with every imaginable feature and running on a Hyper Thread Pentium 4, 3.2ghz with a 17 inch ultra bright screen, this thing is a screamer. To top it off it’s a media center edition with a desktop docking station it was $400.00 cheaper than the lowest priced MacBook.

I have a Mac Mini here at the house it site on my desk next to my PC and guess what, these days a computer is a computer is a computer. They all do the same thing, I just don’t understand why Apple charges such a premium on their computers. Devoted Mac fans will obviously pay any price not to use a Windows machine, but Apple could garner a much more larger segment of the market if they did not over price their products.

As tempted as I am to go out any buy one of these new MacBooks the price is just to darn high! []

Blog Search Engine Traffic

I keep a pretty good watch on the traffic coming into the website, and I must say that Scobles post that talks about minimal traffic coming from Blog Search Engines had me busy for a couple of hours tonight. Causing the room temperature to go up from hard-drives hammering away running the past 12 months of logs thru a log processor with some new variables, that I am still analyzing but I did see a couple of things that even surprised me.

First Google is driving 74.9% of the traffic to this website that number was not the surprise. The surprise for me was that Technorati, Feedster, and IceRocket combined drove less than 2% of overall traffic here. That tells me that all of the tagging we are doing is likely not helping much. The rest of the traffic is a variety of search engines and happily bloggers that are linking here.

I use those three services heavily but within RSS queries in my aggreator so I am trying to see if that is skewing the results. The RSS feed on the other hand is just flat out getting hammered by a variety of services and users that are updating nearly every hour. Nice to see that other people are seeing similar trends.

Apple is never going to open up it’s a communications Black Hole!

I hate to say it but if you are a die hard Apple fan you better read the linked article, because this author has hit the nail squarely on the head. Apple does not communicate, Apple does not have a person that publishes their cell phone number on their blog that I can call and get clarifications on or bitch about something that has made me mad. Guess what Microsoft does!.

Communications at Microsoft has spread into development teams. I have been able to ask some hard question in recent months, and many times have gotten the lead programmer or team lead to reply with an answer. I have been bitching and sending Apple e-mails for weeks and all of those messages have went into a black hole. Try calling someone at Apple thats a joke

Black Hole communicating is what I am going to start referring to Apple’s development and support teams. Comments and e-mails go in nothing comes out.

They have yet to answer at least a dozen questions many of us Podcasters have been asking for months surrounding iTunes, not to mention the travesty and abuse that is going on in their iTunes directory. Microsoft is beating them big time and their silence will be their demise. []