Has Technorati lost that loving feeling!

I find an amazing amount of information each week from all of the search terms I have setup that look for keywords via Pubsub and Technorati and like some others I am about feed up with Technorati. Their quality has really been falling off I hate to say it but some of the traditional search engines that allow keyword searches to be converted into RSS feeds are doing better albeit a few days slower.

I agree with some other blogger posts that PubSub is kicking dirt in Technorati’s face at the moment, and the divide is getting wider every day.

Case in point, I submitted a Press Release to the wire services nearly 4 months ago it was picked up by both Technorati and Pubsub at the time when I originally released it but here is the kicker. Today I see it in my RSS feed for Technorati again with todays date as the publish date.

I am not sure what is going on over their but my feeddemon news aggregator has all of my Pubsub terms at the top of the column and technorati at the bottom. I used to inter mingle them but I find it a general waste of time to do that now. [Jason Kottke]

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One thought on “Has Technorati lost that loving feeling!

  1. If you’re getting old press releases via Technorati, it is probably because they are scraping sites. Technorati does a lot of scraping and they do seem to often use the date they scrape something as the “publish date” rather than what is in the blog or feed.

    The problems you’re having with Technorati simply can’t happen if you use PubSub’s press release service. We don’t scrape. We have a relationship with each of the major Press Release services and they push their new releases directly to us within seconds of the release going public. Thus, we won’t republish a press release unless you republish it and ask your Press Release sevice to send it out again. Also, you’ll probably see your press release come through PubSub before it manages to make it through any of the other paths to the Internet…

    Web scaping makes for really nice demos. But it isn’t realy the sort of thing you would want to base a real business on… Scraping is a hack. Direct feeds from publishers work much better if you’re trying to provide high-quality, low-latency services to your users.

    bob wyman

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