Now Microsoft has me wondering what their plans are with RSS!

Update: Talked to Robert Scoble on the phone, and it turns out many of my concerns are unwarranted. When I attended Gnomedx, and Microsoft announced their RSS initiative they also announced the elements that would be added to RSS, additionally we understood that RSS would be integrated into Vista heavily.

So today when I read the ComputerWorld article, I immediately jumped all over the Mike Tores comments, and said to myself are we now seeing a classic bait and switch. Which resulted in the underlying article.

Thus I got all fired up. Here is how the facts lay today directly from the man himself

1. Microsoft will introduce some Elements to RSS as expected
2. They will not be changing the fundamental functions of RSS
3. They are still contemplating the terminology “Web Feeds”
4. The product is probably a year away a lot can change in a year!

So I retract some of the paragraphs below

[Retract: Seems Microsoft may be up to something more impacting in there quest to rename “RSS feeds” to “Web feeds”. Here is a quote in a ComputerWorld article today.]

[Retract: “Mike Torres, MSN Spaces lead program manager, made a clear distinction between the branding of the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology and the underlying technology itself. He also said that Microsoft is adding its own functionality to RSS in the version the company is implementing in Internet Explorer 7”]

[Retract: So not only is Microsoft going to flip the entire the community the bird, they are now going to go and apparently mess with RSS functionality that is established and has a defined, published accepted specification.]

Changed: Others have not worked with the community on RSS element implementations Apple was the worst with the clutter they added during the iTunes 4.9 release. Apple blew it badly by not talking to the community, and still have their heads stuck in the sand.

Updated: Microsoft has historically went on their own, and is used to blazing their own trail instead of playing nice with the community. I think they are really trying to change but it’s hard for companies used to getting their way to do so quickly. The changes they proposed at Gnomedex were big enough surprise, as companies, and their programmers will spend thousands of man hours adapting their tools to work with these and other companies elements.

This road all leads to content control. Control is about Money and money drives corporations for making ridiculous decisions hell or high water. [ComputerWorld]

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One thought on “Now Microsoft has me wondering what their plans are with RSS!

  1. First I’d like to applaud your ability to correct your errors more than I can say for some people.

    However, I’m still a little perturbed by this whole situation. There is so much ignorance with regard to RSS and Microsoft its frightening.

    Let set the record straight. RSS is designed to be extended (slash, well formed web, dublin core, HELLO)! Microsoft is not adding there own crap to RSS, and they are not defying the RSS standard, and they are not trying to make RSS proprietary.

    The Simple List Extension is a open, publicly available extension, that will not break RSS (although there were some issues with the original spec, this is being revised through a collaborative community process). The iTunes debacle isn’t about RSS extensions, its about putting Tradmarks in RSS extensions. Re-branding RSS isn’t about a Microsoft version of RSS, its just an Alias, because Acronyms don’t market well, and the term RSS scares average people.

    For a more extensive view into this controversy, check out this IEBlog post and read the comments.

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