So why are people staying away from Movie Theaters

Personally have you ever went with your spouse, and four kids to the movies and saw the entrance fee (I swear it’s like half my car payment). Never fails though you herd them all into the bathroom away from the $4.00 candy and $5.00 soda to make sure they don’t have to go (ya right) for two hours, and then the bickering on were each one of them is going to set. Their is always one kid who decides to be a lone ranger, and try and sit by themselves. Then of course my youngest, I had to leave the last movie as he got pretty excited.

Ya thats why we are staying home, watching movies on a regular television not a widescreen, and playing the dvd on the surround sound systems I got on red tag sale a few years ago. DVD’s from the library are free, and if we want to watch a “R” movie after the kids go to bed we can. Plus I can have an adult beverage, and a bag of chips that cost $3.00 versus $20.00 minus the adult beverage, and the knowledge that some disgusting person isn’t having a fun time silently dropping a bomb, and clearing a 20 foot circle around him. Yes folks thats why the movie theaters are not getting any money from me. [The Big Picture]

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One thought on “So why are people staying away from Movie Theaters

  1. I actually really enjoy going to the theatre when it’s a unique movie I want to see, like Star Wars or just last night Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I don’t even mind the prices that much. It’s just the other people that really aggrivate me. I can’t believe how arrogant some people are, text messaging on their cell phones and shuffling constantly. Why pay for a movie and then send text messages every 5 minutes? And at the movie last night one of the employees stood in the back watching the movie for nearly an hour, propping the door open with his body which made all kinds of noise. Wow, just… wow.

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