Medical Care outside the US!

I read and article today that talks about being in a hospital in Britan. Having spent a couple of days in a hospital in the Middle East last year, (13 to be exact) I can tell you that my experience being in a hospital with a severe injury in a foreign land can make your blood run cold. But my hosts took very care of me, and the surgeon was a very carrying doctor. The nursing staff of Filipina, Indian, and non native Iranian men and women that attended to me, were mostly American University trained, and very kind. I have nothing but good things to say about my stay. That is with the exception of the Emergency room as it was near chaos but what emergency room isnt, and after they tried to make me sit up after giving me a muscle relaxer and having me scream like bloddy murder the care improved immediately, my co-worker acting as my protector assured me that something like that was going to happen again.

Being the only person speaking english was tricky also for the first two days I was in the general ward. BTW never order the American / British meals, eat what the locals do the food was terrific.

My specialist here in the US said the Doctor had done a miraculaus job, and that I owed my mobility to his craftsmanship. So if you ever get banged up overseas be prepeared for the experience of your life and ask lots of questions. [British Hospitals]

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