Cleaning my office for the news crews and some insights!

I have two news crews scheduled to come to the house this week, they all want to do pieces on podcasting and I am hoping that this will help the local people here in Hawaii get on the bandwagon. The Hawaii podcasting community is still very small. I want to thank Ryan for the legwork he did in getting their attention.

I also want to thank Peter Kay for his kind words on his Weblog. Peter is a famous guy around here he has a popular news segment called “Your Computer Minute” While I was writing the book I collaborated with some great people Paul Figgiani and his Podcast Rigs site. Paul worked with me a great deal on the Audio Processing portion of the book. I discussed historical information with quite a few people want to thank Lucas Gonze who lives here in Honolulu for the advice he gave. As I worked real hard to get the history and acknowledgments correct. Contrary to what you read in the media these days Adam Curry is not the only Podfather.

I will have a lot more to say about that after the book is out and people start filing their reactions. What is interesting though I approached a lot of developers and some were wiling to share information and some were not.

My advice to any software developer when someone calls you or sends a e-mail and says I am working on a project that will create national exposures for your product, and that information will be in a published book on Podcasting, it is probably best to return those e-mails or at least respond that you are not interested. Also if you have a commercial product you need a e-mail address that is not tied to a automated answering service and have a press or inquiry link.

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