Computer disaster Stories!

Robert Scoble dropped his Tablet from about 4 feet up onto a concrete pad and it survived. He has called out for Computer disaster stories.

This reminds me of a little story. I was traveling with a bunch of co-workers and we all got stuck in this awful dormitory situation. Imagine 5 grown men in a small room with 2 bunk beds and a cot and one bathroom, no Internet and a TV that received 2 English channels. It was terrible but considering we could have been in a tent we kept our mouths shut.

One of the guys with us loved to sleep. I sleep about 4-5 hours a day maximum and needed to turn on the lites once in a while and never did out of respect that this guy get his beauty sleep. On non work days he was sleeping like 20 hours a day. I was getting pretty sick of it and one night as I had just got to sleep about 2am he gets up turns on all the lights and gets in the shower.

I went from mad to really mad and told my bunk mate who was sleeping on the bottom bunk to rip his sheets of his bed and we would take his mattress outside. So the co-worker jumps up and yanks the sheets of this guys bed. Little did we know his laptop was up by his pillow. And it came flying off at about Mach 2

Ever have one of those moments when things move real slow. Well this thing slammed into the floor and probably put about a 10g stress on this thing. I said a few choice comments and the guy comes out of the shower while we are standing there with our mouths wide open. I am thinking well I just bought a laptop.

In some sort of divine miracle it survived, the lid was jacked a little but it worked. No more stripping beds for us. But hey it’s funny now. It was a Dell so I am not sure how it kept from blowing the screen or cracking something vital.. Bit it was fun to remember it spinning on the way down. Side note I would have paid for it and in the end it would have been worth it. Don’t sleep to long around me. :) How about you do you have a computer disaster story. [Scobelizer]

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