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Digital Innovations Digital Maintenance and Repair Kits

Several weeks ago the review team here at Geek News Central received a package of goods from Digital Innovations that can be best described as a Digital Repair kit. We received the SkipDr for DVD and CD Repair, SkipDr for Blu-Ray 3 Disk Repair, ScreenDr electronic Screen cleaning System and two Laser lens cleaners one for Blu-Raw and one for DVD. Our policy here at GNC is to actually use the products in real world conditions.

Test and Review of SkipDr Disk Repair – We received a couple of DVD’s from Netflix and when we played one of them, it was skipping really bad. I did the typical wipe the disk off trick that most of us probably do but it really did not help the skipping. I unpacked the SkipDR Disk Repair cleaner and cleaned the DVD with the cleaner and was pretty impressed the disk going in looked pretty bad and coming out it looked a 100% better. In fact it looked like I had just unpacked it from the store.

I took the same opportunity to run the lens cleaner on the DVD player as well. When I stuck the disk back in, and played it there was no skipping any longer on the chapter in question, and my wife said that the picture actually looked better. While my eyes could not discern that big of a change I know that the DVD player has never had a cleaning disk installed. Since that first test we have had several other DVD’s arrive from Netflix that have had some skipping issues and we have cleaned each of those with the SkipDr and had fantastic results.

I have been a bit of a doubting thomas over the years with these types of gadgets. But I am pretty convinced that the folks from Digital Innovations have hit the nail on the head with this one. We were in Best Buy yesterday and saw there products spread throug the store and I asked a salesman if the units work, knowing full well that they did and he mentioned that he had one himself and that they have been pretty popular. So next time your in Best Buy grab a SkipDR from Digital Innovations.

Living in Hawaii we have this horrendous Red Dirt problem, while the weather is always beautiful the Red Dirt dust gets everywhere including computer screens. I gave the ScreenDR a run for it’s money on my computer sreens and was really impressed. The innovative packaging comes with a micro fiber cloth in the cap which drapes over the spraying mechanism. This gurantees the cloth will stay with the cleaning solution. You simply spray the cloth and wipe the screens. It works great on iPad and iPhone screens as well and appears to me to help prevent smudges from building up so quickly.

Overall I am very impressed with their entire cleaning and repair product line. The CD/DVD/Blu-Ray cleaners and repair kits start at $39.95 with replacement kits when the cleaning element needs to be replaced at about $13.00 the ScreenDr product comes in a variety of sizes with the largest retailing at $20.00. To check out their full line of products visit the Digital Innovations web site to see their full line of products and services.

The only suggestion I have is that they package a small carrying bag / case for the SkipDr so that you can keep the cleaning fluid , cloths and cleaners together this would make sure that the kit would be kept together as in the ScreenDR

Global Caché Controlling Your World

Andy McCasky spoke to Josh of Global Caché.  Global Caché creates modules that connect to the local network. They can send an IR blast , RS 232 signals or close contacts to control devices. They allow you to control electronic products from a smartphone, tablet devices or laptop.

Global Caché  uses an open architecture and an open API so developers can easily design applications that work with it. They have already partner with several companies who make the applications that can be installed on a smartphone, tablet or computer that use the Global Caché.  Josh showed some smaller single purpose units that run around $170.00 for wireless devices and $100 for wired. They also offer rack mount multifunction units that start around $400.00. They have a line of sensors that sense voltage, video, contact closure and give you feed back. The units have a discovery beacon, so you can just plug it into the network and it will show up. You do need to know computers and how a network works to install it correctly. Because of this Global Caché works mostly with professional installers, one of their biggest projects so far was when they were installed in the Miami Dolphin Stadium.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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Do not Sell your site to the Text Link Farmers!

Every single day, I get at least 2-3 emails from companies looking to buy text links on Geek News Central.  To date non of them have come from what I would term a valid vendor, most of them are poker sites, or some site looking to boost their page search rank. It has become so common that I send the following email in response.

“I understand your desire to purchase as you describe them targeted text links on this highly valuable website, and because you have taken the time to email me, I would like to inform you of our rates for text links. The cost is $10,000 a month, per link, with a 12 month minimum run payable in advance. All links will have the nofollow tag plus will be put in an area of the website that clearly indicates a sponsored link. Here is my paypal address to make payment”

This is usually enough to get them to go away, but some are persistent and will come back with a counter offer of $100-$500 for a 90 day run.  I ignore these responses do they really think I’m stupid.  What’s sad is that I am sure a lot of sites would sell them text links for that kind of money.

Google has specific policies for link schemes and a site risk being de-listed from the Google search engine for participating in those types of activities. Now I am not sure how I would react if someone actually took me up and deposited the money in my paypal account but at what point will link farm agents start advertising legitimately instead of wasting time trying to get me to risk all the work I have put into this website.

With the news this weekend of JC Penny getting busted doing this, it does not surprise me that 3000+ website owners sold their soul for a few bucks to help JC Penny have a banner sales season during the holidays.

So while the lure of money is great, don’t sell you soul to the text link farmers.

Learn to Play Guitar with Raw Talent Guitar

Todd Cochrane talked to Marc Quadagno and Shaun Fisher of RawTalentGuitar about their product at CES 2011.  The RawTalent Guitar program works with any guitar that you can plug in. It comes with a guitar to USB cable. Plug one end into the guitar and the other end into a PC. The program offers performance feed back in real time. As you play your notes are place on top of the the correct cords and notes. The music scrolls as you play so there is no need to turn pages.

The program includes a Amplitube X-gear an industry-leading amp and FX modeling tool, so you can get the effects you want, without having to pay thousands of dollars for the equipment. It can even teach you how to tune your guitar and there is a metronome to help you keep time. There are 15 license songs included in the program. They said one of the hardest things they had to do is trying to get licenses for the songs. Rawtalent Guitar is available now for $199.99 at this time it is Windows only, although they are working on a Mac version

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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PayWizard Product Review

Paywizard iconTodd Cochrane spoke to Stephen Petheram, Marketing Director of PayWizard, which is part of MGTpic, about PayWizard. PayWizard allows anyone to take a payment at anytime. It permits the merchant to set up multiple payment options including daily, monthly, yearly, subscription and micro. It enable one click purchase. If there is not enough money in the PayWizard account then the money will automatically be withdrawn from the card that is connected to the account on the sites that the consumer list as their favorites. The transaction data will belong to and be visible to the merchant at all times.

As the consumer you can set a limit on the amount that can be withdrawn a day without having to enter a pin number. PayWizard works cross platforms so that payments that are made on a mobile platform will also show up on systems that take payment from online platforms.

The system is available on multiple devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, online and connected TV, just to name a few. Right now PayWizard is only available in Europe, but they are working hard to open up the US market.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Toddygear: A Fashionable Cleaning Cloth

Toddy Gear

Todd Cochrane and Tom Newman talked to Todd Gable founder & CEO of Toddy Gear. Toddy Gear is a fashionable microfiber cloth. It can be used to clean a tablet or smart phone screen. It is a double sided cloth. On one side is a silk microfiber with various artistic patterns and on the other is a plush microfiber material. It is machine washable and the anti-micro-bile coating doesn’t come off.

There are several lines, the one for men is called Hottie Tottie, the women’s line is called Chic E. Boutiquee. There is even a girl’s line called Misbehave. They also will make cloths with a company brand on it. It is $14.95 per cloth and is available through the Toddy Website, and at the Verizon store,

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central. andTom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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Jill-e Designs for Colourful and Stylish Gadget Bags

Jeffrey and Esby get fashion tips from Jill Wight, President of Jill-e Designs, creators of stylish gadget bags. From SLR cameras to smartphones, there’s pretty much a bag for every device. But these aren’t boring grey or black – they come in a wide range of bright colours and fantastic patterns.

Although aimed mostly at women, there are some very stylish brown leather bags in the collection (see the Jack range) which would appeal to the men too.

Prices from $30 upwards.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen of and Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast.

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Sonomax Self Mold Earphones

Don’t you just hate earbuds? They are often uncomfortable and randomly fall out of the average ear. Up until now, you could pay $2,000 to have custom-molded earphones. Well, all that is about to change.

Nick from Sonomax Technologies uses Geekazine host Jeffrey Powers as a guinea pig to demonstrate “sculpted eers” custom molded earphones. The kit, expected to become available in Spring 2011, enables consumers to create their own custom-molded earphones exactly shaped to their ears using a four-minute-long silicone process. The price point is expected to be $199 for the basic one driver per ear model and $299 for the premium two-driver per ear model. I can’t wait!

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central .

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BacTrack Personal BAC Monitor

Carissa stops by the BacTrack booth to check out the latest in breathalyzer technology.  BacTrack produces their devices for both law enforcement personnel and the man-on-the-street.

Almost everyone knows the “legal limit” in their area, but the average person has no clue what a number like .08 really means.  Well, now you don’t have to carry a badge to know if you shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel – you can pick up your own personal, certified-by-the-FDA breathalyzer at your local office supply store.  The one demonstrated in the video is only $149, which is a LOT less than court costs and jail time.  But, you’ll have to watch the video to see how much Carissa has had to drink….

Interview by Carissa O’Brien for Geek News Central.

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Congratulations TechCrunch and Michael Arrington

The big news today in the Tech Space was the purchase of and associated properties by AOL. The team over at has been a leader in the blogging space for a while now. I want to congratulate the entire team and wish them more success in the future.

The acquisition of a company is always a good thing especially when there is a nice payday behind. This deals gives company owners like myself the continued drive to do good and build a bigger business.